Manufacturing Facilities

We at PRIMO RACING are continuously striving to ensure international quality standards are maintained. Each wheel produced goes through a rigorous manufacturing and testing procedure before sending it to the dealers and customers. The following are the process involved in the manufacturing:

·      Aluminium Melting

·      Material Analysis

·      N2 Degassing

·      Casting

·      Over Flow cutting

·      Heat Treatment

·      CNC Turning

·      Run out Test

·      CNC Pcd Drilling

·      Nozzle Drilling

·      Air Leakage Test

·      Shot Blast

·      Paint Pre-treatment

·      1st Paint layer (Primer)

·      1st Cure Oven

·      2nd Paint layer (Colour)

·      2nd Cure Oven

·      CNC Face machine

·      3rd Paint layer (Clear Coat)

·      3rd Cure Oven

·      Final Inspection

·      Packing

·      Dispatch Delivery

The plant of Primo Racing has complete in house Quality Control Lab as per International and VIA (Japanese standards) with the following equipment:

List of equipment for Quality Control Lab:


·      Spectrometer Analysis

·      Salt Spray Test

·      13 Impact Test

·      30 Impact Test

·      Cornering Bending Endurance Test

·      Dynamic Radial Load Endurance Test 

·      Tensile Test

Material Analysis
Mold Paint
X-ray Inspection
Heat Treatment
Shot Blast
1st Painting (Colour)
1st CNC machine
PCD/Value Hole Drilling
2nd Machining
Air Leak Test
Rinsing and Pretreat
Dry-off Oven
Wet Spray Booth
1st Cure Oven
2nd Painting (Silver)
2nd Cure Oven
3rd Painting (Clear Coat)
3rd Cure Oven
Rivet Inspection
Final Inspection
The plant of Puma Drive consists of three departments wit the following processes involved:
Manufacturing Facilities:
Die Casting
Air Plasma Cutting Machine
Leak Testing
CNC Machining
Shot Blasting
Paint Shop
Laboratory Testing Department
Spectrometer Analysis
Micro Structure Analysis
Tensile Test
Salt Spray Test
Quality Testing Department
Impact Resistance Test
Cornering Bending Endurance Test
Dynamic Radial Load Endurance Test

Manufacturing Facilities

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